Outdoor Living Spaces


When you make the decision to work with us at Integrity Custom Pools, we know that your end goal is to have more than just a simple swimming hole in your backyard. Most of our customers are going for the whole package: outdoor living at its finest. Our team of Dallas pool builders and designers will work with you to bring your ideal outside living space from concept to fruition.

Along with planning the custom swimming pool of your dreams, you’ll also sit down with our design team to discuss the many additions to your outdoor living area that can take it from great to simply jaw-dropping. After all, you’re most likely planning on using your backyard space to entertain your friends and family! Creating your dream space and your dream pool simultaneously will save you money in the long run.

You can easily design an entire backyard sanctuary when you’re working with our superior team of pool builders. Dallas area residents spend a lot of time outdoors – both at home and away from home. By bringing the entertainment to your backyard, you’ll reap the benefits as soon as you begin enjoying your new outdoor getaway.

Here are some fantastic addition ideas for you to consider as you construct your backyard retreat:

  • Outdoor kitchens As everyone in Dallas knows, it gets extremely hot in the kitchen! It can also be frustrating and tiring to traipse in and out of your house repeatedly as you try to cook and entertain outside guests at the same time. Why not bring your kitchen to the backyard? Integrity Custom Pools can build you a fully customized, designer kitchen complete with sleek appliances. Have you ever considered having your own outdoor pizza oven? How about a kegerator? You’ll be able to enjoy outdoor living at its finest, and entertaining guests will become so much easier.
  • Outdoor living areas You’ll be able to swim, eat, drink and then relax in your custom-designed patio cover, arbor or pergola. Even though most Texans do quite enjoy outdoor living, it is necessary to protect yourself from the hot sun at times. As you and your guests take breaks from activities in your pool or outdoor kitchen, you can all relax in the shade and fresh air. Integrity Custom Pools can even create your own built-in entertainment system and bar!
  • Fire pits As the daytime party draws to a close, you and your guests may still desire some conversation while having a few drinks as the sun sets. What better setting than to be gathered around a rustic built in fire pit or outdoor fireplace? The flicker of a fire just gives a certain something to the atmosphere that makes everything more intimate and relaxed.

Whatever your needs or desires are for your custom swimming pool and outside space, rest assured that Integrity Custom Pools has the team of designers and builders on staff to forge all of your dreams into the real life outdoor haven you’ve always dreamed of.

Image credit: C. Davis