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If you have an existing pool that is in need of a facelift, Integrity Custom Pools can easily breathe new life into it so that it has the same appeal as a brand new swimming pool.

Even the most well cared-for swimming pools will begin to show their age after a decade or so. Our clients know just how intense the Texas sun can be, and over time, sunlight will fade the initial brilliance of any outdoor structure. Some pools could simply use a “touch up,” and will look fantastic again with just a few small tweaks. Older swimming pools may have started to look dated or out-of-style and may require a tad more help to look great again.

Our design and building team here at Integrity Custom Pools stays up-to-date on all of the swimming pool industry advances. The past 10 years have seen a multitude of changes in the industry. Many of these advances can drastically improve the aesthetic appearance of your pool, as well as lessen the time you spend on pool maintenance tasks.

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give your pool new life!

shutterstock_171632924An older pool may look years newer just by adding new fixtures like stair rails and steps. Basic pool designs can be enhanced with intricate stone patios and borders. Additionally, breathtaking water features can add visual interest to a swimming pool that needs a little something extra. Waterfalls combined with some natural rock will give your pool an earthy, interesting feel. Deck jets or bubblers – streams of shooting or bubbling water either from your pool’s deck or shallow area – make virtually any pool feel instantly fun.

Do you wish your outdoor area had a certain flair? If adding vibrancy, culture and drama to your outdoor living space is your goal, Integrity Custom Pools can add a variety of fire features, including fire bowls, rock and fire inserts, torches, fire walls and fire pits, to name a few. Not only will these structures add contrast to the water element (your pool), they’ll be an interesting and eye-catching way to add light so that you can enjoy night swimming or evening pool parties.

You may also consider changing out your concrete patio for acrylic, stone or pebble decking – all of which are quite visually appealing. How would you feel about having some built in tanning chairs or underwater seating? If space allows, you may wish to have a grotto or hot tub added to your existing structure. If fire features aren’t your thing, add some fiber optic lights under water for a really cool effect!

In addition to making aesthetic changes to your pool, we can also help take some of the maintenance load off your back by implementing:

  • Salt water systems
  • Automated pool covers
  • Self-propelled pool cleaners
  • Heat pumps that are more energy efficient
  • Solar heaters
  • Computerized pool controls…and more!

You can save yourself from some of the time consuming work involved in maintaining a swimming pool while simultaneously beautifying your outdoor living area. That sounds like a win win situation to us!

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