The Best Time of Year for Custom Pool Installation


If you are contemplating have a swimming pool built in your back yard, you know by now that there are a lot of details to consider! The location of the pool, type of pool, pool design, type of filter system, outdoor living details, water features, fire features and rock features – just name a few of the choices you’ll have to make while working with Integrity Custom Pools, your Dallas pool builders.

As fun as it is to make all of the design decisions, the very first thing you will have to formally decide is when to have your custom swimming pool built. As Texas residents know, Dallas pool builders pretty much work year-round because the mild Texas weather allows us to do so. This gives our customers a lot of options when it comes to when their pool can be installed.

However, even though Texas weather is relatively warm (if not downright HOT) throughout the entire year, there are still pros and cons to pool installation in different seasons. It can be easy to assume that the best time of year to have a pool built would be summer, because that is when most people are thinking about and engaging in the most outdoor activities.

One downside to installing your custom-made pool during the summer months is that your pool will likely not be able to be used until late fall or even winter. Of course, even the winters in Texas are quite mild, but swimming is definitely an activity that is most enjoyed when the Texas heat is at its peak in summer.

It can end up costing you more money if you have your custom pool built in the summer months. Pool builders in Dallas are busier in the summer, which naturally drives up the cost of services and materials that are in higher demand. Because of the lower demand for custom built pools in winter, you may be able to take advantage of off-season sales or discounts.

Custom pool installation in the high heat of a Texas summer also means that your pool builders will not be able to work as many hours each day before needing a break from the sun. This fact alone will stretch out the length of your swimming pool project, which can almost guarantee that your pool and/or spa won’t be ready for action until after the summer and early fall are long past.

By planning your swimming pool project to begin in late fall or early winter, your Dallas pool builders will be able to work longer hours each day, making the overall length of the project much shorter. It will also allow for perfect blooming of landscaping around your custom pool or spa. You can plan all of the flowers and plants and have them ready to plant as soon as spring arrives.

Ideally, schedule the building of your custom pool for winter, with the majority of the landscaping to be completed in spring. By the time the next summer season rolls around, your pool and landscaping will be ready for a grand reveal.